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At VivreSKIN, we believe in magic and the unseen energies of beautiful things. We believe in the collaborative efforts of incorporating these ideals into our everyday wellness. We believe in connecting to higher vibrations through the art of self-care. Magic hums in the air, and seeps between us in each interaction of 'hello' & 'goodbye'. Magic gusts through the streets. It serenades the seas and floods every moment of our lives. Ignite your intentions here, at VivreALCHEMY.

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it

                                                                                                            - Roald Dahl

This is a limited edition, all-natural collection of intention candles. Because at VivreSKIN, we believe in magic. Each of these candles is small batched and hand-poured with love using 100% soy wax and medical grade, pure essential oil. Each candle is dressed with carefully selected exotic botanicals, magical herbs & genuine crystals that are saged and charged before putting them into the candles. Meditate, manifest, relax ... with these candles. Let the crystals burn with the candles then clean & use them after the candle is done as they will then be charged with your own intentions. Hold the crystals close. Hold them near. Hold them, make a wish if you dare ...

In limited quantities, only 50 of each candle is produced. While supplies last.

LOVE Candle

Light this candle that is beautifully fragranced with MOROCCAN ROSE and focus on the relationship that you would like to manifest. Visualize it and meditate as you burn the candle.

SCENT: Moroccan Rose


Rose Quartz - for unconditional love

Amethyst - reflects the desire to apply compassion & passion

Roses - Promotes love & attraction

Rosemary - Known as the 'Herb of Venus', it is amongst the most romantic herbs, summoning the energy of love, desire & commitment

Lavender - attracting calm, peace & soothing love

Citrus - for a joyful & happy relationship

LOVE Candle