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Age 49

Protocol: Subject used neutral cleanser, Radiante Tissu, neutral moisturizer.
Imaging Equipment & Analysis: VISIA (Canfield Scientific)

Untouched clinical photography. Individual results may vary.

Data on file, Vivre SkinLabs.

Age 41

Protocol:  Subject used Radiante Tissu 

Duration of Use:  One week

Untouched clinical photography. Individual results may vary.

Data on file, Vivre SkinLabs.

Radiante Tissu

Brightening & Smoothing Pads

50 pads


Exfoliating alcohol-free pads featuring a proprietary formulation with the five powerhouse acids of clean, glowing skin. Formulated with our own ground-breaking SEXFuse Technology, these will clarify, cleanse and condition skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and scarring. Special rose extract and arginine are infused into the pads to further reduce inflammation while calming and hydrating the skin, at the same time providing anti-aging nourishment.

SEXFuse Technology is developed by Vivre Skin Labs, where six powerhouse acids unified synergistically, to produce a super molecular fusion in order to distribute dermal detoxifying acids to various layers of the skin in order to upregulate and reboot skin health mechanisms.


● Reduce appearance of fine lines, pore and dry patches

● Helps to brighten skin tone

● Non-drying formulation

● Promotes smoother, more even toned & brighter skin

● Contains high concentrate of Rose Extracts to sooth & calm skin & prevent acne formation

● Texture of pads are designed to offer non-abrasive exfoliating benefits

● For all skin type

Clinical Studies

In a cohort study, results show:

● 97% noticed clearer skin

● 99% agreed skin appeared brighter & more radiant

● 95% noticed significant reduction of white heads & black heads

Radiante Tissu